Jezebel JonesJezebel Jones is an emerging artist who spins her roots—lots of Pentecostal church-going, traveling and human observation—into modern folk stories; tales of lecherous preachers, drunk & disorderly guitar players and untimely deaths.

Born in Seattle, raised on a small farm in Northern Minnesota, Jezebel grew up singing and playing tambourine at her local Pentecostal church. At age 18, rebellion struck with a vengeance and she eventually found her rightful place...amongst the sinners.

 In 2010 Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways was formed and started playing the Twin Cities and Austin, TX music scenes, where they’ve gained an increasingly loyal following, especially among fellow musicians. In 2011, Jezebel released her debut album, "Queen of the Devil's Rodeo" ; the music has been dubbed  "cabaret cowpunk", "folkabilly freak", "dark, neo-twang", and other strange & exciting new genres.

Jezebel has been featured on Balcony (Austin) and has made numerous appearances on Twin Cities radio and tv. She and the band have been featured in Mpls/St. Paul Magazine and are occasionally mentioned in such fine publications as the Star Tribune, The Pioneer Press, The Onion, and CityPages. Read the Reviews

Jezebel Jones currently resides in Seattle.


Lyrics for Queen of the Devil's Rodeo


Influences & Artist Admirations: Gene Autry | Alice in Chains | Trailer Bride | Billie Holiday | 16 Horsepower | Lotti Golden | Depeche Mode | Alfred Hithcock | Nellie McKay | Jay Munly | The Catholic Church | Bob Ferbrache | Kate Bush | Weed | The Pentecostal Church | Whiskey | Jim White | Dorothy Parker | Johnny Dowd | Betty Hutton | Wanda Jackson | Edward Gorey | Peggy Lee | Mr. J. White | Danielle Dax | David Lynch | Tom Waits | Rob Zombie | Townes Van Zandt | Marilyn Monroe | PJ Harvey | QOTSA | Janis Martin | SCAC | Swallows | The Cult | Nick Cave 

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