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Critics Testify...

"...you know what they say about a good girl gone bad! Maybe that’s the reason why her disc is so fun to listen to. There are quite a few stories here about people who have, well, fallen from grace".               
          - Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

"Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways tell some dark tales..."
          - John Gjaltema, Alt-Country.NL

"...she's channeled her contrarian spirit into a first album, Queen of the Devil's Rodeo. Sung in a folksy, countrified style that's been dubbed "neo-twang", the album...contains 12 wry, darkly ironic story songs " 
          - Tad Simons, Entertainment Editor, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine

"...this is a clever debut!"
          -Freddy Celis, Rootstime.be


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